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Hi, sweeties and welcome to the book tour of Branded by Fire, hosted by Enchantress Design & Promo! Hope you like it!


Book Blurb:
Aria Naveed can't decide what's worse--being mate-bonded to Declan Valkenaar, the Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Pack, or owning up to the fact that she's developing feelings for him.

Her bond to Declan is the one thing keeping her grounded and preventing her new power from destroying everything and everyone around her.

If Aria doesn't tread carefully, especially where her heart is concerned, she'll learn the hard way that if you play with fire, you'll always get burned.

Danielle Annett is a reader, writer, photographer, and the blogger behind Coffee and Characters. Born in the SF Bay area, she now resides in Spokane, WA, the primary location for her Blood & Magic series.

Addicted to coffee at an early age, she spends her restless nights putting pen to paper as she tries to get all of the stories out of her head before the dogs wake up the rest of the house and vye for her attention.

You can learn more about Danielle on her website at or follow her on facebook at and on twitter @Danielle_Annett. 

In the low light of the Compound basement, I stared at the glistening sheen of blood coating the palm of my hand.
I wrapped my arms around my shivering body and tried to ignore the blood now seeping through the thin cotton of my shirt. It was sticky, cold, and black.
Not human blood, I reminded myself.
My lips trembled. The moment when I’d found Daniel’s body flashed through my mind. His cold, congealing blood seeping into my jeans still haunted me. I shuddered.
This time, however, it wasn't the blood of an innocent coating my hands.
I looked down at Irina’s heart, inches away from my booted foot, where I’d dropped it.
Anger fueled my temptation to kick it.
I refrained—just barely.
Needing to look away, I turned to Irina's motionless form in the rogue cage. Her alabaster skin was beginning to sink in on itself, and her vibrant red hair seemed to have dulled in color, though I knew that wasn’t actually possible.
She should be ash by now, right?
I looked back at her heart beside me and was filled with satisfaction. She’d deserved to die. She’d killed him, an innocent seven-year-old boy.
Blackened blood appeared to ooze out of the organ and temptation finally won out as I nudged the heart with my boot none too gently. A smear of thick liquid darkened the black leather.
Definitely not a figment of my imagination. Not that I wanted it to be. Things just weren’t adding up.
I tried to shake the fog from my mind.
“What happened after you were abducted?” Declan’s rough voice called out.

1. Hi, Danielle! Welcome to the blog “Fantasticando sui libri”, would you like to introduce yourself to our Italian readers? 
Ciao Danielle! Benvenuta nel blog "Fantasticando sui libri", ti va ti presentarti ai nostri lettori italiani? 

I’m Danielle Annett and I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance :) 
Sono Danielle Annett e scrivo Urban Fantasy e Paranormal Romance :) 

2. Would you like to summarize what happened to the main characters in the previous books? 
Che ne dici di riassumere ciò che è accaduto ai personaggi principali nei libri precedenti? 

In previous books we saw Aria, our main character, go through life’s obstacles in a post apocalyptic world where humanity is still trying to find their place beside Paranormals.
Nei libri precedenti vediamo Aria, la nostra protagonista, attraversare le difficoltà che la vita le pone davanti in uno scenario post apocalittico dove l'umanità sta ancora cercando di trovare il loro posto vicino ai Paranormali. 

3. What are your main sources of inspiration when you write? 
Quali sono le tue principali fonti di ispirazioni quando scrivi? 

Honestly I have no idea. I don’t really search for inspiration but my Blood and Magic series is my only series so rather than try to find inspiration I just ask myself what does Aria need to do to overcome X or to get to Y.
Onestamente non ne ho idea. Non cerco in essi l'ispirazione nella mia serie di romanzi "Blood and Magic" è l'unica mia serie nella quale invece di cercare l'ispirazione mi chiedo solo cosa Aria deve fare per superare X o per arrivare a Y. 

4. How would you describe your female characters, and in particular, Aria Naveed? 
Come descriveresti i tuoi personaggi femminili, e in particolare, Aria Naveed? 

I try and write strong women, Aria being the strongest. And not necessarily physical strength but internal strength and a willingness to do what is right, even if that isn’t the easiest path.
Provo a scrivere di donne forti, Aria la più forte di esse. E non necessariamente forti a livello fisico, ma che possiedano una forza e una volontà così forte da fare ciò che è giusto, anche se quella non è la strada più semplice da percorrere. 

5. How would you describe your male characters, and in particular, Declan? 
Cosa descriveresti i tuoi personaggi maschili principali, e in particolare, Declan? 

Declan is Declan. Lol. He’s arrogant and stubborn and a bit of a control freak but he is also compassionate and selfless and always puts his Pack, and now Aria, first.
Declan è Declan. LOL. E' arrogante e cocciuto ed è un po' un maniaco del controllo, ma è anche compassionevole e disinteressato e mette sempre il suo branco e adesso Aria, per primi.

6. What the readers should expect from “Branded by fire”?
Cosa devono aspettare i lettori da "Branded by fire"?

I think readers should expect a bit of an emotional rollercoaster mixed with some butt kicking.
Penso che i lettori si aspetteranno una montagna russa emozionale mixata con un po' di azione. 

7. Are there some movies or telefilm series that inspired you in developing the characters of Aria and Declan? 
Ci sono qualche film o telefilm che ti hanno ispirato nello sviluppare i personaggi di Aria e Declan?

Not really though when I think of my characters James Shields, I always picker Jeremy from the Vampire Diaries in my head :)
Non proprio, quando penso al mio personaggio James Shields, scelgo sempre Jeremy da The Vampire Diaries nella mia mente.


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